Happy Birthday Gloria Steinem

This woman had amazing quotes!  She is a great example of perseverance.  Keep moving forward friends and keep fighting for that dignity.  No one can take that away if you don’t give it freely.  It may not seem like a choice but every day, every morning we chose the road we walk and that is what makes us human and worth that dignity of that label!  I for one feel grateful for many of the things that Gloria Steinem did and continues to do, in particular her ability to remind me that I am as strong as I need to be if I strive for it.

This pictures best tells how I feel I have battled the last two years.  Every day, day in, day out but I am better for it!!



And remember, every end is a beginning and this blogger is not done yet.  I might be going somewhere else and hope some of you can find me but I’ll be speaking my voice and as a gain steam, my voice will only get stronger and stronger.  I won’t be moved by threats, but I can be persuaded by doing something better.  I won’t move because I am being pushed, but I will seek the high road if it’s possible.


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About Rainier Dawn

I'm on a journey to be a good mom and show the kids that if you get knocked down you can get right back up again. It's a choice!
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5 Responses to Happy Birthday Gloria Steinem

  1. Thanks for your company and I hope that we meed up somewhere, sometime. I am glad that you are going to continue to use your voice.

    • I think we will. I have made a lot of very good fcriends oddly enough through this process. I hate to say it but in a way I am already starting to be grateful for the opportunity that my divorce has brought me. How are you doing?

      • I made a similar comment on another person’s blog who is a bit further down the track than me and happily remarried. She said that she is happy DESPITE her divorce and NOT because of it. Her divorce did not make her happy. Her determination to triumph made her happy. That is an interesting perspective. I am doing OK, and thanks for asking. I am at the stage that I know that I will have a great life, when I get to the other side of this murky property settlement process. It is like surviving life in a concentration camp, you can never feel completely liberated until the war is officially over, although you can keep dreaming as to what it will be like.

  2. Oops, that should be “meet up”.

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