Divorce and Silence

No one has the right to shut you up!  No one can tell you that what you think, say or feel is unworthy!  It is only “you” who can make that choice to silence your voice, your heart and your soul.  Divorce is so difficult so don’t lose your voice in the process.  Find where you left it, pick it up and make good use of it. I know when it happened to me, it was me who agreed to the silence. I was so desperate to prove that I would never betray His trust that somewhere I betrayed mine.  I made a promise to him to never lie or betray Him and I did everything to stick to it, but when the line had been crossed, I finally mustered the courage to say NO.  Again, it was a choice.  I don’t regret any of it.  I tried to prove something that I might not have had a right to, but I did it out of love or maybe what I thought was love.  I have no regrets!  I have two beautiful gifts and for that I will always be grateful!  For rediscovering my voice I also say thank you to my divorce.  I am still fumbling at times trying to find where my boundaries are but I am discovering that they are my boundaries and it is a great feeling knowing that as I find my boundaries I am finding my joy.

If you feel silenced, rebel and revel in the love you are finding in yourself!!!  Your voice is imperative and your feelings and emotions are valid, but remember they are yours and you should honor them before asking anyone else to honor them.  It’s is a choice to walk away.  It’s a choice to let someone know what you won’t put up with. Only you can decide what you are worthy of.  Only you can say what the limit of your existence is.  We all have limits so don’t pretend you don’t.  It is a disservice only to you and reclaiming that is a long road.  This pain you feel today in the early stages of your divorce will soon turn into productive anger that can catapult you into doing all those things you stopped doing for yourself because He (she) didn’t like it, or they didn’t like “those” people, or like your family, or like your friends, or the people that laugh at noon and sleep at night….  Ok, maybe that was just my case.  I’m obviously still letting go of the things I accepted for far too long.  Now off to say and do great things.  Go people go, times a wasting for the essentially flawed!  So many sports to remind yourself you loved, so many movies to watch without a naysayer, so many shows to see, previews to watch, dorky music to hear, friends to laugh with and act dorky with.  Oh the things we can do now!!!


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About Rainier Dawn

I'm on a journey to be a good mom and show the kids that if you get knocked down you can get right back up again. It's a choice!
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2 Responses to Divorce and Silence

  1. This is an excellent post because it touches on areas that mean so much to me. Firstly; the two codes of silence (the silence within the marriage; and the silence of the divorce). Secondly; the long road to claiming one’s voice out of that silence.
    Thanks for this inspiring post and the encouragement to keeping finding my voice, determining my own boundaries, and speaking up for those boundaries.

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